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By Yegor Elkin

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Alexander Rybak found his love on the web

Never say “never” – it’s about our hero. He himself could not imagine that after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 he would again rise to the stage as a contestant. But fate gave him another chance – the singer again represents Norway.

– Alexander, is the song That’s How You Write a Song reflects your approach to writing tracks?

– Sometimes, in order to convey the meaning and message, you need to simplify the text.Writing a Song is really just a metaphor of faith in your ideas, be it sports, business, music or something completely different! I give people confidence in themselves and their strength!

– Do you hope that this track can inspire young people to write songs?

– I received a lot of letters from fans, people write that they are stuck in their ideas, and ask me for help. I realized that it would be nice to answer them all at once.

It is important to understand that one should not follow the “modern tendencies” of writing songs, if this does not suit you. It would be great, for example, to create the perfect hit for some radio, but young authors should not get hung up and only think about the format. I hope my song can serve as the impetus they need.

Alexander Rybak with his mother Natalia Valentinovna

– Your parents are classical musicians. How do they relate to your work in the world of show business? Obviously, they are proud of your success, but at least sometimes they make fun of you?

– They are just happy that I did not leave the violin several years ago. As you know, children have periods of rebellion and protest against the desires of their parents. My “insurgent” period was to experiment with new genres (pop / rock), and my dad and mother secretly loved it all! (Laughs.)

– Several years ago you said that you will never return to the Eurovision Song Contest. But they did not keep their word. Is it because you have a really strong song for the contest?

– Thanks for the absolutely correct question on this topic! Because, obviously, when I said “nevermore”, I did not think that I would have such an important message for the fans. In 2009, the song was about me, this time it’s about everyone else.

Alexander Rybak with father Igor Alexandrovich

– What are your earliest memories of Eurovision?

– I was five years old when I first heard the song “Save All Your Kisses For Me” by Brotherhood of Man, with which they won Eurovision in 1976.

– Many people are ironically referring to Eurovision. How do you think, why?

– Graduation secondary school can be taken seriously? For someone it’s just another opportunity to make fun of teachers, for others – the most romantic evening in their life.Some people hate the dance part, others – the official one. So Eurovision is a beautiful scene and new songs, and everyone is free to choose whether to watch or not.

– When you are behind the scenes of the Eurovision, do you attend parties? Do you like flirting with contestants from other countries?

– I have a beautiful girl Julie, so I can easily give up flirting and alcohol. (Laughs.) But I’m sure that many need this. And, incidentally, the entertainment events on the eve of Eurovision rather quickly help to tune in before the show in the right way. At least so it should be …

– Do you have any special rituals of preparation before the performance?

– Usually I just try to stay away from people, focusing on the task. Social moments should appear after the show. But, of course, I will smile and do selfi if someone wants to talk. Oh, and I’m boiling some water to breathe in the steam. It’s very good for voice!

– Who is your girlfriend, how did you meet?

– Julie, or Julia, if in Russian, she is a graphic designer. Excellent draws, does serious work!We met in “Tinder” (an application for mobile phones intended for romantic acquaintances in accordance with given parameters.) – Ed. ). She was the only girl who did not forget about herself to be very nice, she was not afraid to write to me … After we started dating, I immediately retired from the “Tinder”!

– Will Julia accompany you to Eurovision in Portugal?

– She will arrive the day before my semifinals. And we already said that I can give it 10-15 minutes a day. She understands perfectly well that in Lisbon I will be busy preparing, completely focused on the performance.

– Have you already dedicated a song to her?

– Last year gave Yulia a whole video – it was a surprise for her birthday! I prepared everything in advance and secretly. I recorded a song, made a video and presented it to her! She was pleasantly surprised and happy. (Smiling.)

– Does your girl have a musical ear? Singing at home together?

– Julia is incredibly pure singer! And I like that she does not brag about it. But everyone who heard her voice compliments. Yes, we sometimes arrange duets at home. Sometimes we can go in karaoke with a company of friends.

– How do you spend time with your beloved?

Alexander Rybak in his parents’ house

– We have with Julia similar characters and hobbies: we adore watching movies, we love roller coasters, traveling …

– You can sing in three languages. Why do not you make variants of one song in Norwegian, Russian and Polish?

– Integrity is important for me when the concept, rhythm, language and emotions are intertwined in one whole. Usually the translation can be just fun, nothing more. That’s why Kotik, which has 85 million views on YouTube, remains in Russian, and That’s How You Write A Song is in English.

– What is the difference between the life of the composer Alexander Rybak and the life of pop star Alexander Rybak?

– Haha! Every time I write a song for someone, customers eventually ask: “But you’ll sing it with me, right?” So now I’m grateful for the privilege of being on different projects in any one role.

– If you decide to leave the show business after Eurovision-2018, what do you think, for which moments from the life of a pop star you will miss most?

“I can not do this.” Even if I say: “Everything! I’m leaving, “people will still write me letters asking to return. So I can never take it and just leave.

How are your meetings with fans?

“I can not tell you about this, I keep this information for my secret diary.” (Laughs.) But one case I will share. Somehow in the grocery store, an old man, seeing me, dropped all his bags, just to hug me. Really! I wanted that day to last forever for him. Music opens hearts!

– Do you tour a lot, how do you manage to monitor your health?

– I’m learning from my mistakes, at least on some of them. Now it’s much easier for me to say “no” where there used to be an unconditional “yes.” I have weak immunity, so I always leave a few days off in the calendar after each show, in order to recover and make up for strength. Otherwise, I will get sick. This is life, and I have to try my best!

– Your interpretation of the Portuguese song sounds awesome, which brought the performer a victory at Eurovision last year. Doing a cover is as exciting as writing your own composition?

– Sometimes it’s much more interesting to cover songs of other artists than to create your own. But That’s How You Write a Song is written exclusively for my voice and my violin, so it’s very enjoyable to perform with it!

– You communicated with many celebrities. Who was remembered the most?

– In my life there were a lot of amazing meetings – from Will Smith to Morten Harket (soloist of the group A-ha.) – Ed. ). And during the preparation for the international competition, a meeting with Johnny Logan took place. He is an amazing person and the only artist who twice won the Eurovision Song Contest! By the way, he has a birthday on May 13, like me. But no, I’m not superstitious. (Smiling.)