TV-clip in Norwegian, published by 28.04.2018

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This weekend, the MGP delegation travels
with Rybak at the head of Lisbon.

As a former winner of music-
The competition feels Rybak on the pressure.

We joined him
final preparations before departure.

Once upon a time
a man named Alexander.

He had won the ESC and half
the kingdom once before.

Now he will try again.

But much has changed.

Will I sit here?
-Yes, it’s absolutely top.

We are behind the scene in the premises
where he puts the finishing touches on the work.

I have enough hope for that
to win this year as last time.

But this time
I have more like that … hopefully …

You do not know
how it is seen from the outside.

But hopefully I have more maturity
around winning / not winning.

Enjoy the small things,
with time they will be big.

Gotta find your mission,
a mission to pursue.

How much do you feel about the pressure?
to win since you have won before?

Press to win I do not feel.

Are you an artist who has Jahn Teigen?
as its great model,

– he has come to the bottom and completely
in the top but has always been the hero.

With him as a model, you do not think so
so much that it’s cool to lose.

The pressure is enough either in that one
The former winner must perform well.

Step one: Believe in it
and sing it all day long.

Step two: Just roll with it,
that’s how you write a song.

He got over twice as many voice-
more as No. 2 in the Norwegian finals.

Norway reiterates its reputation for Rybak.

There is little chance of an artist
can win for his country twice.

Just Johnny Logan has done it before.

He has a birthday the same day as me,
but I’m not so superstitious.

We have faith in gold. I have said
even if I win again

– should I be much better at
to take care of them around me.

Take care of what I have said yes to,
and dare to say no to things.

Did you know lately?
that you said yes too much?

You are welcome to learn from their mistakes.

I’m in love with a fairytale,
even though it hurts.

Most people remember
where they were when this happened.

Alexander and Norway won the world
biggest music competition 16.5.2009.

-How much perfectionist are you?
-I am very perfectionist.

When someone says they are perfectionist
myself, I think: yes, are you?

Think about what to say
half an hour before calling the person?

Even if it’s your friends? thinking
you for a half or more hours –

– before going out for bread?
So perfectionist I am.

How to get to the drawings
which appears on the stage?

The animations? It’s just an ability I
hair. I just do that by hand …

It shows up different things …
That’s how it’s always been!

If I want a stranger …
Or triangle.

Or roma, which is quite similar.

I think I want to
have glasses. Or a hat.

A beautiful heart around the face.
You just have to believe it. Then it happens.

That’s how you write a song.

The final is Saturday, May 12th.