Alexander Rybak – Eurovision 2018 Violin Jam – Part 2

 Violin medley of the songs from Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Alexander in Video-description:  “Mikolas Josef, get well soon! You inspired our souls to dance and have fun!”

Greece, Belarus, Belgium & Czech Republic

Photography & Edit: Victor Cristopher Sandmark

Published on May 2, 2018

Alexander presented the video with these words on Facebook: “Now that I am sick 🤒 with influenza after the first rehearsal (just as expected, don’t worry), I can show you my last Eurovision Violin 🎻 video I made some days ago! One of the songs is the beautiful #oniromou with @yiannaterzi from Greece!❤️ You can see more of the song, plus other songs on my YouTube channel “AlexanderRybakVideo” 😘 #allaboard#mytruetalent”