Article in Norwegian, published by EscNorge 04.05.2018

Written by Mandy Pettersen

Photo: Thomas Hanses

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Norway has rehearsed for the second time

Alexander Rybak has just left the stage after his second rehearsal in Lisbon.

It seems that Rybak is a little pale and shiny in the eyes when the first of the three run-throughs start, but it does not prevent the Norwegian representative from delivering on the stage. He is smiling and enjoying himself, the dancers contribute with a lot of energy and the colors are just as great as we remember them from the first rehearsal on Tuesday. It seems that Rybak holds a little back and saves his voice.

The second and third run-throughs have been completed and we think Lisa Børud has a tough attitude that matches the song and it helps to lift the number a few steps up. She shines with the other dancers. 
All in all, this is a nice test, but we can see that Alexander is not completely on top, but this is just a rehearsal, so we wish him a good recovery and hope he gets healthy and well, so that the energy is on top when it really counts next week.

Torbjörn Ek from Swedish Aftonbladet shares his impression of Rybaks’ second rehearsal