Videos of Interviews at the Blue Carpet Opening Ceremony

The Blue Carpet ceremony for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest took place on May 6th in front of the MAAT (Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia) in Lisbon. 

The red carpet, appropriately blue this year, is the annual highlight ahead of the live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an important moment for the participating artists — they meet press and fans alike, and it is the last chance to party before the more serious business of dress rehearsals and live shows.
With the theme of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest revolving around the oceans, the organisers chose to replace the traditional red carpet with a spectacular blue carpet.


Watch Alexander and the Norwegian crew from 1.57.12 to 2.02.02 in this video of the whole ceremony by Eurovision Song Contest


ESC  NORGE – From 16.32 minutes










ESCKAZ.COM – From 33.30 minutes