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By Alexandra Matveyeva

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EXCLUSIVE! Alexander Rybak – about Estonia, family and life after “Eurovision”

From 18 to 21 July 2018 in Narva will be a music festival Baltic Sun, one of the headliners of which will be the winner of Eurovision Alexander Rybak. Delfi talked with Alexander shortly before the festival, found out his opinion about our country, “Eurovision” and about how important the family is in the artist’s life.


Alexander, hello! It is very unfortunate that it is impossible to talk to you personally (at the time of the interview, Alexander had problems with the throat – Tell me, how is your health? Will you be on alert in Estonia?

Of course, it’s a great pity that there is no way to talk personally, but I’m getting better and better. I hope that I will be restored very soon and will be able to perform in Estonia.

Your performance at the Baltic Sun festival will be held in July. Before that, you have been with us many times, what are your memories, impressions?

I always like to return to the countries I’ve visited to meet my favorite fans, meet new people and speak to everyone who loves me. Estonia is a great country, although it is flat, which I really like. Norway is a mountain country, and when you travel around Estonia, you can see everything in front of you and enjoy the view.

Last year you performed at our site in Setomaa, this year in Narva. Will there be more Russian-language songs this year or will the program not change depending on the audience?

My usual performances are based on the format of the festival, we agree on the details with the promoters. Of course, the most attention I give my audience. At the moment, the program for Narva is still under development, but I assure you that all of you will be happy.

Most recently, you performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal. This time you went to the competition for the victory?

Every time someone goes to a similar event, he hopes to become a winner. However, you never know who will bring the best song that will attract more attention, who will have the best performance or the biggest PR company. Everyone really works a lot, they give everything they have. We also gave all of ourselves and are happy with what we have done.

How has the contest changed in 9 years?

I believe that it has become more open to different types of music, it is changing. Previously, there were a few cliches and all the songs seemed more or less the same. Now you can hear soul songs, like Salvador Sobrad, or songs like the winner of this year’s Netta, or like me :).

How has your life changed in these 9 years? In 2009, you were only 23 years old, “Eurovision”, and even more so the victory on it – this is a great test for the singer.

Of course, she changed a lot. The victory opened the doors to the music business, television, and other countries. But if you sleep on the throne of glory and do not work, then all the doors will close, and all the victories will go away. I had to work very hard to achieve what I have now.

You have a very emotional instagram. Many photos of friends, loved ones, fans. Do you read comments, fan advice, or does it not have time?

Yes, I’m always very interested in what my fans think, what they are, what they expect from me.

Most recently, you congratulated your father and mother on your birthdays. One of the photos you signed as “The family is most important”. How often do you manage to see them in real life?

My family is very important to me, if it were not for my parents, I do not imagine that I would have known what my life would be like. They always support me. My parents are also musicians, that’s why we all love music, we can talk about it and discuss some details. Unfortunately, because of my work schedule, I can not spend as much time with them as I would like.

Talking about family. I can not help but ask. Is your heart busy ?

And do you pretend? :)