Article in Estonian, published by 21.07.2018

Written by Aigi Viira. Photos by Aldo Luud

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Alexander Rybak at Baltic Sun: “Today you will be 250 in front of the stage, but in the coming year, perhaps 260, who knows!”

“I am very pleased that after the almond operation I just performed in Narva – I like Estonia, here I meet Western and Eastern Europe,” says Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak after the show at the Baltic Sun. Indeed, a better meeting place than Narva is difficult to think about meeting two cultures. The Baltic SUN stage to the border of Russia is only a few hundred meters.

When Rybak stacks up, he interviews the audience as intensely as the radio reporter Felix Leet: “Who speaks Russian? Who in english Clearly, I will sing the next story in both Russian and English! “So his concert runs, alternating in two languages, singing and joking. For a while, even in three: “hello” and “thank you” are Rybak’s eyebrows.It’s not surprising, after winning Eurovision, he is so fond of Estonia that he will visit fans here with the same density as Santa Claus.

“I really like this festival very much,” the artist commends with a wide smile. “This is the first year, is not it? I am convinced that this festival will begin to grow and grow.Today you are 250 people in front of the stage, but in the coming year, perhaps 260, who knows! “250, yes, but the indoors and enthusiasm for this group are 2,500. In addition to light bulbs, even the Norwegian red and blue crossform has been taken.Little, but still a flag.

And, as artist Rybak hopes to come to the festival, the audience showed that the audience would help him if necessary, that’s how it will be. Regardless of any possible joint singing, the audience will kindly help. “I see you can sing and dance perfectly,” Rybak commends his admirers. “I, by the way, I’m a violinist! But say, please, how do my hair appear? Okay?”

The audience is in Rybak in any case, but there is still room for improvement. “I will sing to you one old story, its name is” Старый клён “,” says the artist, who broke with the same song in the concert of Aleksandra Pahmutova in Moscow, the soul of the Russian audience. By the way, this clip has been clicked on YouTube 3,308,714 times today.

By chance, the Rybak Vein Box offers bonus fireworks. A wedding ceremony is held at the same time as the festival on the Narva River, and the Feuerwehr flies to heaven in honor of the new marriage couple.

Rybak races exactly one hour on the stage, thanks, lets again come to Narva, grab a violin and disappear. Fast interviews, even faster photo shootings, and already catches Rybak with a bad guy and rushes away. Almost The chorus of the little fans is lined up on the press and lets light voices sound like: “Shit! Sanya! “ Another combination of choices. Rybak stops: “Children, I have to go home and treat myself a bit! See you! “A lovely smile, a friendly wig and a star with a violent victim have disappeared in Narva.


Video-clips from the concert