Alexander Rybak performed at “Victoriadagen” for the Swedish Royal Family

July 14th is the Birthday of the Swedish Crown-Princess Victoria. It is a 40-year old tradition on the Swedish island, Öland, to celebrate the day with a public concert and other events, since Öland and the city Borgholm, is where the Swedish Royal Family spend their summer-vacations. The Birthday- Concert of Crown-Princess Victoria is also a charity-event, which benefits the Victoria-Foundation

Performing artists 2018 are: Peter Jöback, Jessica Andersson, John Lundvik. Emmi Christensson, Alexander Rybak and Nova Miller. Konferencier will be Kalle Moraeus.

Watch Alexander Rybak perform:


 Alexander performs “Fattig Bonddräng” with Kalle Moraeus, followed by “Jealous” with the orchestra and “Song from a Secret Garden”





Playlist of all 3 performances at “Victoriadagen”