Article in Norwegian, published by 24.10.2018

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix og Instagram / Alexander Rybak

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Alexander Rybak’s warning to the fans – after someone did this

Most people might connect Alexander Rybak with the Melodi Grand Prix, but the artist is currently featured on scenes around the world. He has received a lot of fans and, to “please” those who appreciate his music, he still shares pictures on social media that show what he is doing, his everyday life and fun things that happen in life.

Every time Rybak puts out something on Instagram, it flows with both likes and comments – fans love that he is good at sharing moments from home and abroad.

The fans are not only located in Norway, he also has many fans from other countries.Perhaps especially from Russia. It is a lot because of his participation in Eurovision that he is so famous in the rest of the world as well.

Although it is mostly happy news and nice pictures he shares, he has now come up with an important warning. There has happened something that the artist does not appreciate.


The fans and Instagram-followers are probably mostly used to being served “selfier” and moments from the artist’s existence, it also happens that he asks questions or asks for help.

One time he asked for help to find out if his hoodie is “yes” or “no”:



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Quick question: Hoodie yes or no?

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Another time Rybak wondered what to do with his hair before a concert. He wrote: “Concert tonight and I do not know how to fix my hair:” Trolle “-look or” Skolegutt “-look?” A quick look in the commentary shows that many voted for him to go for the Trolle-look :


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Concert tonight, and I don’t know how to do my hair: “Trolle” look, or “school boy” look? 😰

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But today, Wednesday, he has an important message to his fans. He warned against a fake “Alexander Rybak”.

“Warning! False profiles in my name are trying to trick you for money. Please do not talk to these fake profiles, always be careful on the internet , “the artist of Instagram writes with a photo.


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🌑Warning!🌑Предупреждение! Fake profiles in my name are trying to scam you for money. Please don’t start chatting with these fake profiles, always be careful on the internet.

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In the comments below, he has already received support from the fans, who find it sad that someone pretends to be Alexander Rybak and talks with people who look up to him and think they are talking to the real artist.

“This is so sad,” writes one, while others thank him for making them aware of this.

Now, I think we should help Alexander Rybak to share this further so that as many people as possible get it. It’s incredibly cool that there are people who do this, listen to the artist’s message, be careful on the internet.

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