Video in Norwegian, published by Akershus Fylkeskommune 28.02.2019

Alexander participates in this campaign-video, with the purpose of getting good teachers to apply for jobs in Akershus municipality.

The teacher in the video is Øystein Fevang, who was choir-teacher for Alexander, while he went to high-school at Ruds.

“What does Choir-Teacher Øystein expect from the students in High School and what has it meant to Alexander Rybak? We are searching for good teachers, who leave a mark. More than 100 positions available at

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Engslih Translation of video :

Ø: If I have mean´t something to Alexander?

I hope so, of course. I have had around 1800 students since I started here at Ruds, so I hope, I have inspired up to several of them. Some of them have, maybe, got some inspiration to do, what they are doing today, because I have said something, that they remember, but I don’t remember. That would be really great. 

We can not know, what the students will do later. We just try to push them a little in a direction, which we find is a good direction for them. If I have meant something to Alexander? I guess, you better ask him about that :-) 

A: Øystein meant a lot to me, during all three years at Rud. I remember, we grew extremely fond of him – all of us, who had the Choir-lessons.

Excactly because, he took us seriously. He assumed, that we had respect for harmonies and choral-pieces – and then, we got that respect.

Because, he only expected the best of us – and so, we gave our best.