Alexander Rybak won the MGP with song about the ex-girlfriend Ingrid Berg Mehus. Now they play duet.

Article in Norwegian, published by 28.02.2019

By Knut Øyvind Hagen

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She was Rybaks’ “Fairytale” – Now, the two play together

Alexander Rybak’s heart-ache led to the era of Norwegian Eurovision hit. Ten years later we meet Rybak and his ex-girlfriend Ingrid Berg Mehus – to nostalgia in friendly spirit.

They are back at the music school Barratt Due, where everything started. The violin and the music led Ingrid Berg Mehus and Alexander Rybak together from the age of 15 and 17 – and the love story became the theme of Rybak’s monster hit.

He was in love with his “fairytale”, i.e. Ingrid, even though it hurt the heart.

«I’m in love with a fairytale even thought it hurts,
and I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed »

For many years they were without contact, but now they are back together, in friendly spirit and playing music – with Alexander’s mother at the piano.


Will do a Rybak

Ingrid Berg Mehus will in this year’s MGP try to “do a Rybak”, with the violin as the foremost musical weapon she will represent Norway in Eurovision.

And over the years she has undoubtedly stepped her own original paths into the violin career. For many years she has worked as a nightclub violinist.

The casino city of Las Vegas is among those who have been served Ingrid’s mood-enhancing tones in the night.

She has been David Guetta’s warming artist, one of the world’s most famous DJs, and played during the Los Angeles Galaxy football game.

Neymar, Brazilian superstar and one of the world’s premier football artists, was spectator and thumbs up!

Ingrid Berg Mehus
FIOLINIST: Ingrid Berg Mehus charmed Alexander Rybak when they met at the music school Barratt Due as teenagers. She stands on her own feet and has fascinated celebrities in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.PHOTO: JULIA MARIE NAGLESTAD / NRK


Rybak: – She’s a princess

Alexander Rybak has no trouble giving his ex and violin colleague praise for her broad musicality. And he highlights her selflessness.

– I usually say that she is one of those artists who instead of using music to promote herself, uses herself to promote the music.

And he thinks it is not the least strange that a fairytale-song is about her.


– You can tell from looking at her, that she is a princess, taken out of a Disney movie.

Ingrid, in turn, will not take the credit for Fairytale, even though she is honored that Rybak says she was the source of inspiration.

– What you have created is independent of who you wrote it about. It is by virtue of you being a gifted composer and a fantastic musician, she says to him.

Rybak responds:

– It would have been a completely different song if it wasn’t about Ingrid. And I am very happy that such a genuinely good person has characterized me, also musically.

See the performance that led to the credit crunch and superior victory in Moscow in 2009.


Magical mood

Ingrid says that Alexander’s musicality can make the audience enthralled.

– Where Alexander is, it becomes a completely magical atmosphere, a borderland between that world here and a completely different world. And it’s incredibly exciting.

And she tells that Rybak gives her advice on big and small before the big final.

– He says, for example, that I should sing through things, even when I have a cold and feel down and bad. If you can do this when you have a cold, you can do it under all circumstances.

Rybak has great faith in Ingrid’s song “Feel”, and believes it appeals to precisely the feelings.

– It’s not a show-off-song, it’s a song created for pleasure. It is something completely different to everything else in the Melody Grand Prix. It’s really lovely, and I’m looking forward to it.

Is Ingrid’s MGP participation also a “fairytale” for the history books? We get the answer in Oslo Spektrum on 2 March.


Ingrid Berg Mehus

  • Ingrid is from Jessheim and got her first violin when she was seven years old.
  • She has taken classical studies at the Barratt Due Music Institute.
  • For several years she has worked as a nightclub violinist, and has made great success with her performances in, among other things, the USA.
  • She has been a warming artist for the artist David Guetta in Oslo, and played in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
  • With the song “Feel” she participates in the Melodi Grand Prix for the first time.