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By Igor Kipriyanov

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The winner of Eurovision-2009 Alexander Rybak: “Fans still want to marry me”

Exactly ten years ago, Alexander Rybak with a romantic song Fairytale won the Eurovision Song Contest. Then at the competition the singer scored a record 387 points.

Eurovision-2019 starts on May 14th, so it was interesting for us to talk to a Norwegian musician of Belarusian origin about the current chips of the Euroshow. Another good reason for our conversation is the birthday: on May 13, Alexander is 33 years old.

– Alexander, how do you celebrate your 33rd birthday?

– For the last two years I had problems with health (doctors diagnosed the singer with fatigue – Aut.), So I did not do big parties. Last year, the Eurovision Song Contest ended on the night of May 12th. And right after the final, my entire delegation, friends and family went to a small party in honor of the birthday. It was nice that so many people from different countries came to congratulate me.

Of course, in social networks, I receive many congratulations from all over the world, creative and creative. This year, for the first time, I have the strength to celebrate my birthday! But only … without sugar. (smiles)

– Is there something you lack for full happiness?

– Strength and patience!

– You can play violin and piano. Which musical instrument would you like to learn?

– Just now I’m learning to play guitar. Every day I improvise the house for songs in jazz style on all instruments. I generally like to develop. This is my way! I like to look for something new, grow, experiment, and embody ideas.

– You can be called an active user of social networks? What question do you get asked most often in Instagram?

– Fans still want to marry me. This is, of course, a great compliment. Although everyone will soon understand how much I am well alone with myself.

In 2009 Alexander received the main prize of Eurovision – a crystal microphone. Photo: Instagram


– They say musicians are very vulnerable people. Do you easily get offend or lose temper?

– That’s true (about musicians). If injured, then they are “spoiled”. But I was very well nurtured. If I get hurt, then I certainly will not complain.

– In Instagram you have published a preview of the new single. Tell us about this song.

– I am glad that I do not depend on big companies or rich producers. I record songs in my studio in Oslo, I work with the best musicians in Europe. I give 2-3 clips a year to my fans.They love when I surprise them with music in different genres. I’m Still Here is a ballad that I have devoted to all my loyal fans who have been supporting me for 10 years since Fairytale’s victory.

And so I can add that this week the number of my subscribers on YouTube exceeded six hundred thousand, the “Kotyk” clip crossed the mark of one hundred million views as well as the song Fairytale. According to my book “Trolls” put a new musical. I am very happy about this! And in the final of Eurovision I will announce votes from Norway and smile nicely with the Norwegian flag!


“Lazarev is a real artist”

– Have you ever listened to the songs of Eurovision-2019 participants? Someone can be selected from the contestants?

– This year there are many good songs and artists on the competition. I can highlight Sergey Lazarev, he has an emotional song. He is a real artist. In 2019, real artists are needed.

– Last year, nine years after the victory, you took part in Eurovision. How do you think, in what direction has the competition changed?

– The best. Last year I had health problems. When I was told that I had won the semifinals of the competition, I did not even have the strength to smile. I saved all the strength for the performance, and at Eurovision I really need to enjoy everything – I’m excited about the competition, the meetings, the various events. But I’m sure I’ll come back when I manage to fix my health problems.


– In one interview you said that you are trying to rest alone. How often do you succeed?After all, in your profession you have to deal with a large number of people.

– My best talent in life is the talent to say no. I’m often invited to interviews, shows, corporate parties and concerts, but I rarely agree. In case of agreement, I give my audience  100%. Therefore, I very rarely disappoint people.

I rest when I watch films in my Oslo apartment.