Concert-Tour with Trondheimsolistene 2019:

Aug.30th and Aug. 31st in Ålesund & Stranda (Fjord Cadenza) + Sept. 1st in Sunndal


Trondheimsolistene: “After having previously toured in both Trøndelag, South – and Northern Norway, we will finally visit the beautiful Sunmøre.
Trondheimsolistene will play music, inspired by energetic dances from the baroque- superstar Händel, to Hungarian thytms and moods. Our own Grieg will also appear with the piece “Småtroll” and a popular folktone-arrangement.
Alexander Rybak will perform songs from the album “Visa vid vindens ängar” and play both beautiful – as well as wild – pieces on the violin. He will certainly include some of his most well-known hits as well”.


Text & Photos by Arnold Hoddevik:- Parken Culturehouse, Ålesund 30.08.19

“Alexander Rybak and Trondheimsolistene delivered to the Fjord Cadenza-audience in Ålesund 30.08. – Funny and extremely skilled group. Proud boy on first row, who were allowed to hold and look after the bow for a while. Get yourself a ticket, when they come to a place near you!”.

Photo: Arnold Hoddevik

Photo: Arnold Hoddevik

Photo: Arnold Hoddevik

Videos from rehearsals and concerts with Trondheimsolistene




Review of the Concert in Sunndal Culturehouse 01.09.19

By Blogger Ole M

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Strolling brilliant Rybak

We have a great cultural harvest ahead of us. With concerts, theater, exhibitions and a little bit of it all together. It all started tonight. x With Aleksander Rybak, this juggler of a musician. Strolling genius, I would say. Elegant. With the Trondheim soloists themselves as co-players. Norway’s best chamber orchestra? And with Norwegian talents from the cultural schools in northern Nordmøre. From Sunndal, Surnadal and Halsa. A wonderful evening.

Alexander Rybak, the Trondheim soloists and students from the cultural school. Winning combination.

One of the tasks we have as organizers is to give the audience good experiences. And certainly a challenge or two. They got both tonight. Challenges with Bartok, among others. It is far from Fairytaile to Hungarian Bartok. From the slightly complicated rhythms to the Norwegian waltz. From the not so readily available harmonies to simple major and minor. This evening had most of it. And Rybak said it himself from the stage: “I want to include all kinds of music in my concerts”.

Rybak alone with his violin. Love me tender (or Kari)

When we have the foremost musicians in the country on stage in Hovshall, it can’t get any better than our young, local talents, getting to meet them. Even practice and play with them. Therefore, the start of the concert was touching and close. Expectant talents might sleep well tonight? Or not at all. Because they have had an experience they will not forget soon. Maybe never? So now it’s just practice. Playing until your fingertips soar. Maybe we get a Trondheim soloist from Sunndal?

I didn’t quite know what I was going to meet this evening. I know the Trondheim soloists. But not Rybak. And not the interaction. Everything was better than expected. I could close my eyes and relax. Let the music sneak into the body and soul. Or clap excitedly. Feel the surprise. Look around me. Ane Steinar’s excitement in the corner of the eye. The Culture-House Leader gets a bit of an autumn. At least the busiest in my time as cultural director. This means that the audience in Sunndal has a lot to look forward to.

Alexander Rybak is an amazing violinist . Educated at Barratt Due. With Geir Inge Lotsberg as a teacher. Lotsberg is today artistic director for the Trondheim soloists. And an amazingly talented violinist. “The world’s best violin teacher,” Rybak said, turning to his master. The two created magic this evening in Hovshall. With music throughout its breadth. From Bartok to Elvis and Secret Garden. Norwegian folk tones and strolling jazz. Then it all had to end with Fairytale, Rybak’s winning tune from the Grand Prix ten years ago. People sang along and enjoyed themselves. In a musical cream-night.

But tonight: Thanks to Alexander Rybak, the Trondheim Soloists and the cultural school students. And the crowd, for a brilliant Sunday night.

Ole M