Photo: Oslo Kammermusikkfestival

In 1989, violinist Arve Tellefsen wrote in the first programme of the Oslo Chamber Music Festival:

“I have great pleasure in welcoming audiences and musicians to Oslo’s very first chamber music festival. At the heart of the project is a group of music lovers who have long wanted to arrange a festival to celebrate chamber music, which in this part of the world has undeservingly been overshadowed by other forms of music.
We know that many composers have created some of their best works in the form of chamber music, and we will do our utmost to keep and pass on some of this rich heritage.”

Arve Tellefsen tells today: “For the first year or two I had to explain both to the press and the sponsors what chamber music is. I no longer need to, because very soon other chamber music festivals began popping up in other parts of Norway.

Truls Mørk and Lars Anders Tomter had taken part in our first festival in Oslo, and the following year they started their own festivals in Stavanger and Risør, with great success.. And chamber music fever spread over the whole country; new festivals were started every year, and now there are over twenty in Norway, from North to South and East to West, all with their own local and musical profile” READ MORE


20/8 – 19. Spikersuppa. Photo: Øystein Olsen Amdam

At the 30th Oslo Chamber Music Festival, 2019, Alexander Rybak performed at 3 concerts:

19/8 – Alexander Rybak Trio at Nasjonal Jazzscene,

20/8 – With Arve Tellefsen & Oslo Culture School at Spikersuppa

22/8 – Performance at Gala Concert at Gamle Logen


Photos from concert with Alexander Rybak Trio – 19/8-19 by Joerg Kollan

Video from concert with Arve Tellefsen 20/8-19 by Alexander Rybak International Fansite 3


Photos from concert with Arve Tellefsen 20/8-19 by Joerg Kollan