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Will enthrall the audience for one month

For the figure “Troll” is not an ordinary troll. He lacks a tail and is being bullied for having an artificial tail instead hanging behind. One day, Trolle finds a magic fiddle, that does not only bring positivity.

These are parts of the pre-description of the setup that gives Rybak proper premiere nerves.

– I can understand that the others are enjoying themselves, but I feel like the bride before the wedding. I want everything to be as good as possible, so I try to keep a balance between enjoying myself and at the same time taking care, that all the hats I wear; the manuscript-hat, the composer’s hat and the actor’s hat are satisfied, says Alexander Rybak to Radio Metro Sørlandet.


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In the director’s chair sits Jostein Kirkeby-Garstad, who has worked with Rybak to turn the book into a theater script and now a set up that uses all available visual tools.

– It’s a musical, so it’s pretty big and visually exciting to look at, I think, says Kirkeby-Garstad.

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2) Alexander and Ingeborg Walther (Alva) visited Radio NRK Sørlandet 26.11.2019. Listen to the INTERVIEW HERE