December 31st

And THANK YOU for this one!
-2019 has been the year where my Trolle could finally shine on the musical stage!
-A year full of love from fans!❤️
-It has been the year where I finally could invite my parents to Disneyland, and my mom got younger by Disney magic.
-2019 has also been the year where several colleagues decided to end their own lives, and together with my own problems it has been a wake up call for me.🖤
So my first project for 2020 will be the most difficult in my whole life: It has nothing to do with music, and I don’t know how long it will take, but to get through it I need YOUR full support!💪🏼 How to support? Continue to be yourselves, be kind to each other and keep listening to my songs (both old and new)😏
And my wish for you in 2020 is to take care of your HEALTH, keep away from drugs(!!!), and sleep a lot!😴Please let me know if you have troubles sleeping, maybe I can come and try to sleep with you. 🤗 After all, I love you and I love this world!☃️🌎🎄 #happynewyear #2020


Встретимся в Кишиневе🌟
Chisinau, Moldova 31/12 🎉🧚🏼‍♀️🎄
Each new year, I’m always finding new places to celebrate New Year’s 🥳 This year I will perform in Chisinau around 01.30 in the night 😅🥳🎻 Where will YOU celebrate, my dear?❤️


December 24th

Christmas Evening is all about traditions. My traditions mostly involve my family; 🎄playing at Christmas masses in the local church🎻🎹🎤, eating the best “Ribbe” a mother could ever make, 🍽💝giving each other presents, walking the same route in my neighborhood as I did with my dog Cindy…❤️ But now my family has become bigger, because it involves YOU! 🌎🌟And my traditions have become even better, reading all the sweet greetings, seeing pictures of cute dresses and Christmas food from around the world, and together being grateful of the gifts and talents we are given. 🎻 So I say to all of you #godjul #срождеством #joyeuxnoel #feliznavidad #vrolijkkerstfeest #craciunfericit #wesolychswiat #froheweihnachten #feliznatal and of course #merrychristmas 🎄😘❤️


December 22nd

Some fooling around before the holidays 🥳 🎼❤️🎄🎹 Greetings from the “Ingeborg & Alex” show! #trolle #merrychristmas

December 20th


❤️Christmas greetings from my theatre friends Småen, @ola_mg @larshelgeth @moeommoe 🎄What are your plans for this December weekend?


December 17th

My dear fans. ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH for giving me support from all the world. I’m so happy that you have united from so many different countries to come see my fairy tale. I have worked for so many years on this, and it means everything to me that you are enjoying yourselves. And as a bonus, you get to see the wonderful Stig Werner as my nemesis “Hulderkongen”😎 I hope you’re having a wonderful December ❤️ #trolle


December 10th


This Christmas 🎄 I wish for all of us to be nice to people, especially the ones different than us. ❤️ Rudolf and Trolle are good examples of “different”, and they only want a bit of love like anyone else. 🧚🏼‍♀️ #Trolle #rudolf #merrychristmas