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Video with English Subtitles on the Greek speak. Uploaded to DailyMotion by AR material channel


Transscription of the Greek Speech by Yannis


[HOSTESS] You are asking about the exclusive story we have announced. You may have already heard that Alexander Rybak has suffered depression. In fact, he has revealed his addiction to sleeping pills. It is the first time he speaks to our show. He gave us an interview.

[ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE PANEL] Eleven years ago we were singing “I’m in love with a fairytale…”. But his life wasn’t a fairytale, after all. He suffered depression after his victory. He gave a tremendous battle against addiction to sleeping pills. So, he gave us an exclusive interview for the first time. He started his rehab a few months ago. He took it seriously. He’s much better now. He spoke to us about it. And also about the Eurovision, its cancellation and Stefania. A “bravo” to the reporter who took this interview.

[INTERVIEW FOLLOWS, A.R. SPEAKS GREEK] I love you and I miss you. I hope to see you again.

[HOSTESS, AFTER THE INTERVIEW] I’m so glad he’s fine. He’s marvelous. I must tell you that I don’t follow the ESC so closely. And yet, this is my favorite entry ever. I was so charmed by this boy, with his violin and his tale.

[A MEMBER OF THE PANEL] Only a few times has a song achieved such world hit status. This song was everywhere.

[HOSTESS AND MEMBERS OF THE PANEL] – But he’s praiseworthy for talking. He said something really important. Many people can take anti-depressants. For simple reasons. – I used to take for 3 years. – Me too… – I have never said this to anyone. I used to have hormone-related issues. Like crying spontaneously. I visited a psychologist. He referred me to psychiatrist. The latter may prescribe you mild medication for a while, depending on each case. A small dose of anti-depressants. But they are dangerous.

[MEMBERS OF THE PANEL] – You must take the exact dose you’ve been prescribed. And cut it off once the doctor says. – But did you hear what he said? “I raised the dose on my own, to feel better”. – I recall the doctor modifying my dose per week by half a pill. It gets addictive. The whole balance of substances is tipped inside your body.

[HOSTESS] Medicines are bad by definition. Even a new mother may be given some. Hormones are another issue… But it needs attention. You may think it’s simple. But it requires you to control it.

[MALE MEMBERS OF THE PANEL] Did you hear Penny’s question? “You seemed to have everything”. And he said “that’s the reason why I fell into depression”. – That’s the problem. – I’m happy he’s fine now. – Only a few months ago he decided to act and go for rehabilitation. He was struggling alone for 11 years. Imagine how hard it was. At first you need to acknowledge the problem. “I have depression”. Realization comes first. Then you must begin the healing process.

[A WOMAN IN THE PANEL] He’s a very sensitive boy. We noticed that during his first participation. We were working for another channel and my colleague said “he’s the winner”. I will not forget it. He had instantly said that.

[AT THE END] – I think the song was about his ex girlfriend. – I can’t remember this. Now, on another topic…