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“Позади” (Behind) is available on all music platforms. 



Alexander Rybak presented the autobiographical track “Behind” (PREMIERE)

This summer, the society stirred up the frank recognition of the Norwegian singer and violinist Alexander Rybak. The musician admitted that he was addicted to sleeping pills and antidepressants for 11 years and is now undergoing rehabilitation. 

As the winner of Eurovision admitted, creativity was part of the treatment for him. The musician released two songs in different styles: Give Me Rain and My Whole World.


Now the artist presents the Russian-language single “Behind”. According to Alexander, “Behind” is a song about healing a mental disorder. Working on this song helped overcome the anxiety and pain that comes from giving up sleep. Now the artist shares this song with people around the world and inspires them to fight with their inner demons. 



The singer admits: “Mental problems and treatment are very individual for each person. I can share with you only my own experience.

“Behind” is a song about fighting the darkness. For me personally, this song is about horrors experienced during rehabilitation. Headache, hallucinations, cold sweat and nightmares were my dear tricks every day.

And in the darkest days, it seemed to me that my stomach was pierced with knives (my brain and digestive tract are strongly connected). The only thing I want in such situations is to lie down and laugh. Indeed, in truth, this is simply ridiculous. This is all according to plan. And I know this will pass.”



By the way, Alexander Rybak invited fans to take part in a special music video for the song “Behind” (“Give Me Rain” – the English version of the single).

“I need your videos! After 5 hours of filming a video in the freezing rain, I realized that I still can’t dance. Therefore, to finish work on the new clip, we will need your help. If you want to get into the clip, send us a video where you dance in the rain to my song. The mood should not be too naive, because this song is about fighting your demons. The more artistic the video, the more likely you are to get into the official version. The video can be sent to, resolution: 1080p h264. PS Important! Take care of yourself in the rain (I can’t bring you vitamins if you get sick).”

 The song “Behind” is already available on all music platforms. 

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