Podcast-interview in Norwegian, published by Wolfgang Wee Uncut 10.10.2020


In his first interview on podcast, Alexander Rybak is the guest of Wolfgang Wee Uncut.

In a long interview, they speak about filmmusic, anxiety, eurovision-hardships, John Williams, girlfriend and a lot of other topics.

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Full Interview in Norwegian without subtitles.

Scroll down to find segments with English subtitles


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Below: Segments of the Interview – with English subtitles by AlexanderRybakNews.com


Alexander about anxiety, spontaneous statements and media-coverage


Alexander about girlfriend, relationships and what he needs

Alexanders’ funny recipe for success


Alexander about John Williams and the Jurassic Park theme


Alexander Rybak: “I don’t wish to sound like Hans Zimmer”


Alexander about composers, who work against the clock on big TV-series


Alexander about the famous quote of Stravinsky: Stealing vs borrowing