Alexander Rybak 15.11.2020:

“This is my submission to the Indie Film Music Contest. You can read more about it here: 

The film Caminandes 3 – Llamigos was directed by Pablo Vazquez and produced by the Blender Animation Studio. It is used in the context of the Indie Film Music Contest under the Creative Commons Attribution license from the following source:…

With the help of Felix Peikli, best clarinet player ever!

Composed, arranged, vocals and violins recorded and mixed by Alexander Rybak

“Finally, I can share some film music with you! <3

So far, I have been writing music about my life, but with movies I can write about anything I want. This makes my world so much bigger, and I am so happy that music exists!

As this is my first attempt, I’m very curious what you think. Which scene do you like the most? What is my strongest sides as a composer and what should I focus on in the future? :)”




The original film from 2016 with music by Torin Borrowdale