Article in Norwegian. Published by Tysvær 17.05.2021

Text & Photos by Alf-Einar Kvalavåg

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May 17th in Tysvær: A salute of a completion with Hanne Krogh and Alexander Rybak

100 festively dressed and party-minded in the hall (full house) and a bunch of artists on stage crammed into playfulness and joy of singing. This results in high dice rolls and a good atmosphere.

Hanne Krogh and Alexander Rybak had brought out most and the best of their long careers and delivered from the top shelf.
It was rehearsed with everything from “Dear Kristine” to newer music and the Grand Prix hits “Let it swing” and “Faritale”.

– It is always good to get started on a tour, and it is extra good to do it at home. Especially now. Must almost thank those who dared to come. This was a fantastic evening for all of us, summed up Hanne Krogh after an hour and 45 sweaty minutes in Tysværtunet.
– What is it like to pick out songs with such a long playlist to choose from?
– It should be a little connected and it should help to provide a whole. Think we met well and the atmosphere was so warm. This was a great start for us, says Hanne Krogh.

On Tuesday, they play in the Festiviteten in Haugesund, and it should be possible to get tickets. You should.


More about the concert, dice roll and comments will be in the paper on Thursday.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the concert: (Photos by Alf-Einar Kvalavåg)