SILENT NIGHT HOLY NIGHT – Christmas tradition for over 30 years!

“Stille Natt, Hellige Natt” is the oldest and biggest Christmas-concert-tour in Norway.
This year, 49 churches allover Norway, will be filled with good Christmas mood and traditional Christmas music as  the star-crew will create magical Christmas mood in churches allover southern Norway during november and december.
Alexander Rybak performs in the Christmas concerts from december 8th – 22nd 2021.

Artists: Alexander Rybak, Ingrid Berg Mehus, Maria Haukaas Mittet, Hans Marius Hoff Mittet and Rune Larsen

Musicians: Tove Kragset on keyboards and Tov Espelid on guitars.

 NB! Regarding new infection control measures in Norway pr. december 9th 2021:

Dear guest!

The rest of our performances in 2021 will go as planned in accordance with the new infection control measures.
With a few exceptions, everyone who has booked tickets for our upcoming performances will be able to go to these as planned.

However, you will receive new tickets and information by e-mail, so that we can observe the current infection control rules, and you will have a safe experience. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to respond to individual inquiries now, but you will receive information about your tickets by e-mail soon.

We all wish you a safe pre-Christmas time!

Regards Taran



This year it is 33 years since producer Tor Arne Ranghus, as the first in the country, got the idea to arrange church concerts with famous artists in the run-up to Christmas.

The very first Silent Night Holy Night tour in 1988 consisted of the artists Karsten Isachsen, Anita Skorgan, Karoline Krüger and Nora Brockstedt and 18 concerts were arranged.

Since then, more than 550,000 spectators have experienced Silent Night Holy Night and the tour has visited over 160 different churches throughout Norway.

This year, Silent Night Holy Night visits as many as 43 churches in 49 concerts across the country during the Advent season.

“Conveyed through some of the country’s foremost artists and musicians, we wish with Silent Night Holy Night to unite holiday and joy.

The respect for the message and the church room is clear, at the same time as the play and joy are given space “, says producer Tor Arne Ranghus.

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08. des. kl. 17.30 – Grorud Kirke, Oslo UTSOLGT

08. des. kl. 20.00 – Grorud Kirke, Oslo
09. des. kl. 17.30 – Immanuels Kirke, Halden
09. des. kl. 21.00 – Tune Kirke, Sarpsborg UTSOLGT
10. des. kl. 17.30 – Ski Nye Kirke, Ski

10. des. kl. 20.00 – Ski Nye Kirke, Ski
11. des. kl. 17.00 – Jeløy Kirke, Moss UTSOLGT
11. des. kl. 21.00 – Bøler Kirke, Oslo
12. des. kl. 17.30 – Lillestrøm Kirke UTSOLGT

12. des. kl. 19.30 – Lillestrøm Kirke
13. des. kl. 17.30 – Mortensrud Kirke, Oslo
13. des. kl. 21.00 – Nordstrand Kirke, Oslo UTSOLGT
14. des. kl. 17.30 – Sandefjord Kirke UTSOLGT
14. des. kl. 21.00 – Tønsberg Domkirke UTSOLGT
17. des. kl. 17.30 – Ullensaker Kirke, Kløfta
17. des. kl. 21.00 – Grefsen Kirke, Oslo UTSOLGT
18. des. kl. 17.00 – Fredrikstad Domkirke
18. des. kl. 21.00 – Eidsberg Kirke, Eidsberg
19. des. kl. 17.00 – Bragernes Kirke, Drammen UTSOLGT
19. des. kl. 20.00 – Asker Kirke UTSOLGT
20. des. kl. 17.30 – Østerås Kirke
20. des. kl. 21.00 – Vålerenga Kirke, Oslo
21. des. kl. 17.30 – Brumunddal Kirke
21. des. kl. 21.00 – Vang Kirke, Ridabu
22. des. kl. 17.30 – Fagerborg Kirke, Oslo

22. des. kl. 20.00 – Fagerborg Kirke, Oslo