Video-interview in english, published by Oikotimes 07.07.2022

OIKOTIMES INTERVIEW with Alexander Rybak after his graduation for masters degree in film music


USA – Team oikotimes in collaboration with ESPOT’s Renata Lisowski had the pleasure to catch up with Alexander Rybak, the 2009 Eurovision winner, the Fairytale of whom keep trailing all of us in our life dreams and goals.

We spoke to Alexander on the occasion of achieving a MASTERS DEGREE in film music and we popped the question we always wanted an answer to Why he decided to move to the United States. Was there any cultural shock for him while moving permanently to the US?

Rybak also discusses his studies and elaborates on the new skills he discovered aiming to even become a producer for other artists or make movie scores. So we all suggest directors reach out to this talented artist, do you agree?

The lack of his family who is still abroad was compensated by establishing friends in the community although his class was only 14 fellow students alongside. He also spoke about his road trip from Chicago to California and he describes how meeting Americans were, especially the Californians who are angry at everyone.

He reveals that he did the road trip alone as the girl he asked couldn’t make it on time due to some paperwork. He hopes to find a music studio to buy in the US and Norway, work on his music trying his luck in both countries but feels starts bidding in the USA.

Alexander also shares his thoughts on the Eurovision movie by NETFLIX for which he wished he made some music. He is also planning to go and visit his Norwegian friends and manage to invite his family to the USA and see what their son achieved.

Regarding Eurovision, Rybak discusses the importance of the violin, the Russian grandmothers, the year when Loreen won. He watched only the first episode of the AMERICAN SONG CONTEST but when asked if he would join the ASC. He says that there are more chances to return for a third time in Eurovision for Norway (or at least in MGP) rather the American Song Contest.

How does he feel now that he is a legendary participant and winner? Rybak also discusses how reaching up with John Garvin Weir – an American figure skater and television commentator and a two-time Olympian – realising that John had already DMed him in the past.

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