Norwegian TV-series broadcast by NRK  21.12.2023

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Norwegian folk music has deep roots in Norway and is documented in literary sources dating back to Norse times.

It is both mysterious and traditional, but has also flown across national borders.

– We have chosen to divide the story into four themes: Mystery, tradition, rebels and success.

By telling these stories, we want to reach a wide audience with stories about folk music that give deeper insight and greater understanding of the genre.

How has the genre developed historically, as well as how it is developing today, says director Fredrik Horn Akselsen.

Season 1, Episode 4: “From Fanitullen to Fairytale”

Olav Mjelva has played fiddle in several major American productions. Now he is attempting an American tour! We also meet other artists who have had success with folk music-inspired elements.

What is actually the recipe behind Fairytale’s success? And what does the future of folk music look like? Is it stupid that it is centralized on stages such as Riksscenen in Oslo, or can it help to make it available?

Even the experts struggle to define Norwegian folk music, but they can establish a few things.

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