Alexander Rybak reveals to Seiska: This is how much his violins have cost

Article in Finnish. Published by 26.04.2024

By Henryk Björkström
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Surprisingly, Alexander says the truth is quite different.

– I wouldn’t even dare to say this, but all my violins cost less than $5,000 in total, he reveals.

Alexander says other violinists have instruments worth several million, but he has a certain principle when it comes to his purchases.

– I choose them based on how they feel in my hands, not based on the price.

Accustomed to publicity

The violinist feels that one of his biggest challenges in his public career is that people want his attention and get angry if they don’t get it.

– However, I have learned to balance things during my career, so as not to demand too much from myself. I try to take oxygen sometimes.

However, life in public has not been difficult for Alexander, as he likes openness.

– Being a celebrity also makes me think about what I say online. Especially when it comes to politics! People sometimes forget that I am a musician and that is my specialty.

It’s hard for me to remember that too, Alexander laughed.



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Do you remember Alexander Rybak?

Overcame a decade-long drug addiction – now tells Seiska about his lifestyle


Article in Finnish. Published 26.04.2024

By Henryk Björkström

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Norway’s 2009 Eurovision winner tells Seiska about his current everyday life and lifestyle.
– But now that my studies have already ended, I’m at the second stage, should I change, Alexander reflects to Seiska.

He should make a decision if he wants to continue working in a quiet studio in the hills of Los Angeles or if he should go back to Norway.

The violin star’s Oslo apartment is located near his parents.

– This timedifference isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it.

Alexander has decided that he is not going to study anymore.

– It was fun to familiarize myself with a new subject that I wanted to learn, but now I just want to take my life more slowly from now on and work a little less.

A difficult phase of life behind

Alexander has many hobbies, but what he likes most is watching movies on the big screen and riding big roller coasters. Hurjapää does not consider his latter hobby to be cheap.

– It may be on the more expensive side, but at least it’s not unhealthy.

The Eurovision winner has a medicine hook behind him. He was addicted to sleeping pills for ten years, but he overcame the problem.

– Since then, my life has been much better, but I get anxious more easily. That’s why I try to avoid drinks and foods that could burden my nervous system.



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Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak remembers his special fan encounter in Finland

– he will soon perform in Tampere


Article in Finnish. Published 27.04.2024

By Henryk Björkström

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The violinist star has even made a song called Suomi.

If he has to name one thing he regrets afterwards, it’s pleasing others.

– I’ve tried to please everyone. If you think about it from another perspective, the trait may be the reason why I have so many followers on social media. I am considered such a “yes” man. After all, I am that too, but nowadays I also say “no” more and more.

Alexander has put his principles into practice.

– Actually, the Tampere performance is one of the five gigs I said yes to this whole year!

Still loves Finland

Alexander will soon come to Finland, because he has a performance at the Nokia Arena at Finland’s biggest Eurovision party on 11.5.. He will take the stage there alongside 14 other five stars.

Alexander has been to Finland several times since his Eurovision win. He has fun memories with Finnish fans. His second album No Boundaries even has a song called Suomi.

– I remember that some wonderful fans helped me find a hamburger restaurant late at night after my gig. When I think of Finland, I think of kind people. And skilled classical musicians! I will never forget the orchestra I heard play while I was in Finland. When I came home, I made my Suomi song.

– I love returning to Finland so much. I have always felt welcome.

Alexander represented Norway in 2009 at Eurovision and won with his song Fairytale.

Perfectionism was rewarded

One thing surprised Alexander when he was practicing for Eurovision in Moscow in 2009.

– Perfectionists tend to get a bad reputation in today’s world, but they were rewarded for it at Eurovision. I was able to work on the details of the show as much as I wanted, and everyone from the set designers to the cameramen seemed to appreciate that.

Alexander is not yet able to say his opinion about Finland’s Eurovision representative, Windows95Man , because he listens to the representative songs of all countries only at the very beginning of the Eurovision week.

– After listening to the songs, I make Tiktok videos of my favorite ones, playing the songs on my violin.

Alexander’s all-time favorite Eurovision song is the Dutch 1975 winning song Ding-a-dong , performed by Teach-In. In Finnish, the song was recorded by Hanne , a former Iskelmä singer .

– The song has such a beautiful melody, and its chord progression is exactly what belongs in a victory song.