Article in Norwegian, published by 12.05.2024

By Tuva Mathilde Løland

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DRAMATIC: Alexander Rybak has participated in Eurovision twice. The last time was dramatic, he says. Photo: Thomas Reister (NRK)

The violinist denies the rumors of a “music double”.

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Artist Alexander Rybak (37) became a national treasure when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the song “Fairytale”. It was the start of a terrific music career for Rybak. He also participated in Eurovision in 2018.


BREAKTHROUGH: Alexander Rybak became world famous when he won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Fairytale” in 2009. Photo: Pontus Lundahl (NTB)



Here you are:

Name: Alexander Rybak
Age: 37
Marital status: Single
What is your name in SoMe? @rybakofficial on Instagram

Grew up: Yes, almost
Lives now: Oslo and LA
Workplace: Oslo and LA
How do you get around everyday: I usually walk in Oslo, but fly to LA

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What engages you right now?
– “Baby Reindeer”. It hit hard.

What is your most controversial position?
– I just hope that all parties stop fighting. For some reason it pisses some people off.

What are you proud of having achieved in the past year?
– I finished building a music studio in LA

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert only on stage, introvert otherwise

Straight from the heart or shy of conflict? Bordering on conflict-seeking, actually

Carefully planned or taking it as it comes? Carefully planned! After all, I am a classical violinist and a real MGP artist

Save or treat? Always a treat, would you rather save on the memories

“Dax18” or “Farmen”? Have unfortunately spent far more hours on the “Farmen”

Board game or PlayStation? Playstation with VR glasses attached!

When was the last time you cried and why?
– When I saw “Book of Mormon” in London. I cry when something is perfectly good.

What is the bravest thing you have done?
– Enrolling at MGP for the second time.

DEFEAT: Alexander Rybak did not impress Europe the second time he participated in Eurovision. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist (NTB)

What is the most dramatic thing you have experienced?
– When I didn’t win Eurovision the same year.

And… when was the last time you lost your mind?
– It was probably last Wednesday.

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What do you regret most in life?
– I took part in a songwriting camp once.

What’s the sickest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
– That there is someone else playing the violin for me.

Who would you cancel and why?
– Would have canceled Xabi Alonso and Leverkusen, because then Bayern would not have had such a bad season this year.

And… What do you think about the cancellation culture?
– I see it as getting a speeding ticket. It’s embarrassing for the person concerned, but it also makes people behave.

Who/what would you like to pay tribute to and why?
– Mum and dad, because they are seriously good friends now!

What pisses you off?
– Today’s chart pop and algorithm music. Yes, now I’m old enough to say that.

If you have 500,000 to invest, how would you invest?
– Not very brave financially, so it would probably have been a fixed interest rate with the high interest rate we have now.

What is the best or worst gift you have received or given?
– When I was little I stole various little things from my father, and then gave everything as a present on Christmas Eve.

Give us some quick recommendations!

Book/Newspaper/Magazine : “Flowers for Algernon”
Series/Movie: “Artificial Intelligence” by Steven Spielberg
Music: “Gloria” by John Rutter
App: Currency Converter

SoMe account: @alexrybakofficial on TikTok for fun fiddle stunts and MGP- fabric
Food/drink: Taco, healthy and good!
Holiday destination: Wherever they have the biggest roller coasters

What are you most looking forward to right now?
– Playing at Nokia Arena in Finland this weekend!


And honestly: Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?
– Yes, sometimes you get pineapple on the pizza.

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