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By Mayk Can Şişman

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Hadise Became Champion in Eurovision: Norwegian Singer Alexander Rybak Praised Turkish Football

Hadise participated in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Moscow , the capital of Russia , in 2009 with the song “Düm Tek Tek” and finished the race in 4th place. The winner of Eurovision that year was Alexander Rybak, a Norwegian singer of Belarusian origin.
The composition ‘Fairytale’, which won him Eurovision , is very popular these days because it was used in a commercial shot in support of the National Football Team. Rybak also gave an interview to a Eurovision blog and praised our A Nationals.
Alexander Rybak, a Norwegian singer of Belarusian origin who won a ticket to Eurovision by winning the ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ in his country Norway in 2009, became the champion with a 169-point difference over his closest rival, Icelandic Yohanna, in the Eurovision grand final.
Hadise, who represented Turkey that year, finished the competition in 4th place by collecting 177 points with “Düm Tek Tek”.

Alexander Rybak’s ‘Fairytale’ was so popular in Turkey that for a while, most of our phone alarms consisted of the melody in the intro of the song.

The song came to the fore again in recent months, thanks to a video shot by a music teacher at a school.


Many of us remember this composition because the violin in the song is very familiar, especially to our Black Sea region.

Alexander Rybak became a popular name again when the composition was last used in a commercial for a GSM operator in Turkey before Euro 2024.


We had never forgotten the moments when he ate Turkish manti.


Or the pose he took with Sertab Erener, who won Turkey’s first and so far only Eurovision victory in 2003, is also remembered.


Norwegian singer Rybak, who gave an interview to ‘Wiwibloggs’, which is closely followed by Eurovision fans, made remarkable statements about Turkey.

“I have always liked the passionate approach of Turkish football players to football.

I love the passion in Turkish football.

That’s why I really want them to come back to Eurovision, because they bring the same passionate football energy to Eurovision,” said Rybak.


Making a separate note about Hakan Şükür in Turkish football, Rybak said, “One of the football players who played a key role in my falling in love with football as a child was Hakan Şükür.”

Rybak, who praised Turkish football and stated that he wanted to see Turkey in Eurovision again, received the following comments from X users recently:(See original article in Turkish)