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Greetings from Alexander Rybak for Christmas and New Year 2017

These greetings were posted by Alexander on his social pages for Christmas and New Year 2017 Continue reading

Photos&Video: Alexander Rybak in NRK Christmas-Special of “Beat for Beat”

It is time again, to celebrate the joy of music, when Beat for Beat is back with new challenges and new artists. Continue reading

New Video. Alexander Rybak & Annsofi Klevfoss: “Baby it´s Cold Outside”

Annsofi Klevfoss will forever be one of the best duet partners in my life. And the best Christmas hugger. Cause “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

  Continue reading

New Single. Alexander Rybak: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”(Radio Edit) – A Tribute to Fred Astaire

In celebration of Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios‘ 70th Anniversary, Fred Astaire Dance Studio/Vienna, Austria will delight with an international music project in honour of the legendary dancer and his Austrian roots. Continue reading

Alexander Rybak sings “Fairytales” with Franziska Wiese!

Article in English, published by 22.10.2017 Written by Vincent Mazoyer Read Original Article Here Alexander Rybak sings “Fairytales” with Franziska Wiese! A new collaboration from the Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak has just released the videoclip of his latest collaboration, with Franziska Wiese! The duo sings his most famous song, “Fairytales”. Alexander Rybak met Franziska in Germany, and he considers her “the perfect German duett partner”. Like him she’s a violonist... Continue reading

New Video: Franziska Wiese & Alexander Rybak: Fairytale Duett (Silverjam Mix)

I’m happy to finally have found the perfect German duett partner in Franziska Wiese, who also plays the violin and sings, with flare. I hope you will like our music together!   Continue reading

Article/Videos. Alexander Rybak in Buenos Aires – Celebrating diversity and the meeting of two worlds

Article in Spanish published 19.10.2017 by Text and Photos: Eduardo Longa Read original Article Here Read Auto-generated English Translation Here     Alexander Rybak in Buenos Aires – Celebrating diversity and the meeting of two worlds It all began on October 12, 1492. A certain Christopher Columbus, a well-known navigator in the service of the Spanish crown, came to what he believed to be the West Indies.  Exactly 525 years later, the Kirchner Cultural Center announces... Continue reading

Video/Photos: Alexander Rybak was guest in the TV-show “Новая Фабрика звезд” (“New Star Factory”)

Alexander was invited to perform on the stage - and to be a judge in the jury.   Continue reading

Alexander Rybak & The Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra. Concert in Plzen 5.10.17. Photos/Videos

Alexander Rybak with soprano: Patricia Janečková, Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava and Chief Conductor: Heiko Mathias Förster Continue reading

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