Trolle og Den Magiske Fela” (Trolle and The Magic Fiddle) is a Book with 3 CDs of songs and music – written and composed by Alexander Rybak. Released 19/9 2015 by publisher  Cappelen Damm. Narration: Dennis Storhøi. Voices: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Stig Werner Moe, Pernille Hogstad and Alexander Rybak.

Language: Norwegian

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For delivery worldwide of the book as Audiobook, order at Bokkilden.no or Storytel.no

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The songs and music from “Trolle og den Magiske Fela” is available for Digital Download

Trolle and the magic fiddle” unites Alexander Rybak’s musicality with his affection for the Norwegian fairytale tradition. The story is recorded in a timeless language with references to Norwegian mythology, but it is a story only Alexander Rybak could tell. How does it feel to be different at a young age? And is it possible to turn your life around by the help of the enchanting sounds of a violin?

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