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“5 to 7 years” – New Music Video!

This is a Music Video I made for my 600.000 +++ fans on Facebook.
So share it with all your friends.I love each and every one of you.
Your,  Alex.

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“Castle Made of Snow” (Fan Video)

"Castle Made of Snow"

Music-video made by Odom Sibling Productions

Music: Alexander Zatsepin
Lyrics (English): Alexander Rybak
Vocals: Alexander Rybak


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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website! Tell all your friends about it. :)
Remember, internet is my radio station, so invite your friends to watch my YouTube videos, and follow me on facebook and Twitter. I have a lot of new music that I work on, both for myself and other artists. Meanwhile, here is a video which describes the OPPOSITE of what I feel for you, my fans. Because of you lovely people, I have the career of my dreams. And because of you, I keep dreaming. So please, never leave me alone! ;)

Yours, Alex.

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Alexander Rybak – One Day Off

This is my gift for all my 500.000+ fans on Facebook (congratulations!)
Hope you like the work of talented Mr.Joakim Kleven.
Enjoy and comment!


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Alexander Rybak – “Достала” – “Dostala” (Official Music Video)

"Достала - Dostala" is the Russian version of the new single "Leave Me Alone"
Music Video - Director: Alexander Filatovich


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Alexander Rybak – “Leave Me Alone” (Official Music Video)

Alexander's single "Leave Me Alone" was released worldwide on October 12th, 2012.
It is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.

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